My Wonderland.

Lexi. Lesbian.Taken. 19. Oregon.

too drunk to function

I am staying the weekend in Vancouver with my besties Mikaela and Vance and I got shit faced last night and somehow ended up sleeping in their bathtub and waking up at 6:30am when their other homie came in to pee and scared me to death. But the good news is I still have never been hungover OR so drunk I puked :) I know how to handle my liquor well.


I hate staying up until 3am stressing and worrying about money and finical aid and wanting to kill myself :)

Fun Fact: I asked my girlfriend to Winter Formal our senior year via snapchat. I’m such a romantic babe…

My girlfriends niece started calling me Auntie Lexi and it makes my heart skip a beat. Ive always wanted to be the cool aunt. She’s precious. Today is her sixth birthday and I get to babysit her all by myself. 

I feel like everyone is tired of my emotional bullshit and like none of my friends are here for me and I can’t ask them or force them to be here for me, but no one understands or takes the time to just listen and realize how hard it is for me. I’m tired of people asking me how I’m holding up. Im not. I’m shit, I’m broken down, cried out, and basically an empty body going through the motions. I’m just tired of no one giving me the chance to explain WHY IM SO UNHAPPY or the not caring about how I feel.. uhg. Rant over- Sorry.

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